Few words about us
and our crew


ASMINDO or Indonesia Furniture Industry & Handicraft Association in Indonesia that shelters all furniture and handicraft companies, ranging from raw material, semi-finished, and finished products.

To develop furniture industry and handicraft in Indonesia as part of an environmentally friendly – based creative industry by more focusing on the local source of raw material to produce state’s foreign exchange and expand job field in the frame of the national economic.

  1. To create and develop favorable business climate to make higher competitiveness of industry as well as enable businessmen to participate.
  2. To manage and develop ability, activity, and interest of businessmen in furniture industry and furniture in technical or regulatory focus.
  3. To protect interest of members, ranging from raw material supply, processing, distribution, and regulation.

We Care About Our Natural Resources

With the 1,5 million hectares of certified forest in Indonesia, ASMINDO committed that certification is an obligation and as an instrument must be required as it is a market demand.

ASMINDO is also actively preparing process of product certification of the member in cooperation USAID in the certification program. ASMINDO and USAID established ACC (ASMINDO Certification Care) that has duty to assist members or as a consultant institution in obtaining certification.

ASMINDO in cooperated with many institutions that develop certification such us FAO, LEI, Smartwood, WWF, ETC. to give inputs concerning development of certification in Indonesia, in which raw material supply in the furniture industry usually is coming from the planted forest, community forest, and other timber come out from production forest.

With more members of ASMINDO are certified, it shows that ASMINDO is ready to enter market of certified products.

We Partner With Governments