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International Affilition

ASMINDO is affiliated to a furniture federation of ASEAN countries named as AFIC (ASEAN Furniture Industry Council).

Now, AFIC has seven ASEAN member-countries. AFIC is an institution that accommodates interests of member-countries in anticipating market demand and newest development in international furniture and handicraft level, and as a media to exchange information among the ASEAN countries and a media to make cooperation as well.

ASMINDO is also affiliated to other federation in Asia-Pacific named as CAFA (Council of Asia Pacific Furniture Association)

International Contributions

Through AFIC, ASMINDO is actively doing many activities including formulating standardization of furniture industry in the regional/ASEAN level, and having buying mission to some new markets like China, India, etc.

ASMINDO is also active in many forums held by AHEC (American Hardwood Export Council) as a presenter or as panelist. The forums are held in the Asian furniture producing countries annually such as in China, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

ASMINDO is also promoting Indonesia’s furniture products by organizing the members to participate in many international furniture shows i.e IFFS, SPOGA, Valencia High Point – USA, Shenzhen – China, Thessaloniki Greek, Index – Dubai, etc.

In the term of certification, ASMNDO is always invited to speak in international forum carried out by European Union in Geneva Swiss concerning participation and role of the furniture industry in using legal and certified woods in their products. The issues concerning use of illegal logging as raw material can be eliminated by taking EU Team in seeing efforts of planting carried by ASMINDO in Indonesia

International Expose

IFFINA is the furniture and handicarft fair initiated by ASMINDO, which is held as media of all Indonesian furniture and handicraft industry can market their newest products and designs to the global market. IFFINA is a media to recognize newest trends in the furniture and handicraft industries, open new market, have a product launching, and know Indonesia level/position in the world furniture and handicraft trade.

By joining in the IFFINA, it is expected that there would be increase in trade transaction. IFFINA will also enhance a number of job fields and boost foreign exchange to the country, which in turn to take more roles in increasing national economic.


Our Partners

The advantages acquired by international business if making cooperation with ASMINDO are

  • Getting data and information accurately concerning a real condition of the furniture and handicraft industry in Indonesia; therefore, in implementing of an activity or cooperation can be more. focus and directed.
  • With the 25 Regional Commissariats under ASMINDO across Indonesia, the international business interested in making cooperation will have wider access in all centers of production of furniture in Indonesia.
  • Having clarity of a legal status on cooperation in Indonesia as ASMINDO is a formal institution and as a member of National Chamber of Commerce of Indonesia as well.
  • By more than 30 years in experiences, ASMINDO has well understood on regulations and principles of international cooperation